Funny Things Bush Has Said

We’re all too familiar how George W. Bush mangles the English language.

“You’re working hard to put food on your family”

“I can press when there needs to be pressed. I can hold hands when there needs to be — hold hands.”

“And so, General, I want to thank you for your service. And I appreciate the fact that you really snatched defeat out of the jaws of those who are trying to defeat us in Iraq.”

The realization that these are the words of the President of the United States make sane people cringe … and the mouth breathers that support Bush grin and clap their hands in glee.

Mark Crispin Miller, author of The Bush Dyslexicon, said in an interview:

“He has no trouble speaking off the cuff when he’s speaking punitively, when he’s talking about violence, when he’s talking about revenge … When he struts and thumps his chest, his syntax and grammar are fine. It’s only when he leaps into the wild blue yonder of compassion, or idealism, or altruism, that he makes these hilarious mistakes.”

In Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President, Dr. Justin Frank wrote of Bush’s failure of empathy, failure of concern, and a failure to act and take care of people.

Bush has no trouble speaking coherently … when he’s talking about violence.

As former commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez discovered and recorded in his memoir, Wiser in Battle: A Soldier’s Story.

On April 6, 2004. L. Paul Bremer III, head of the occupation’s Coalition Provisional Authority, and Gen. Sanchez were in Iraq in a video teleconference with President Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

The first full-scale American offensive against the Sunni city of Fallujah was being launched, and U.S. forces were preparing for a campaign against cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army militia in Iraq’s Shiite south.

Colin Powell said, “We’ve got to smash somebody’s ass quickly,” Sanchez reports him saying. “There has to be a total victory somewhere. We must have a brute demonstration of power.

Regarding al-Sadr Bush said, “At the end of this campaign al-Sadr must be gone,” he insisted, “At a minimum, he will be arrested. It is essential he be wiped out.

Then President Bush began what Sanchez describes as “a kind of confused pep talk regarding both Fallujah and our upcoming southern campaign.”

Kick ass!‘ Bush said, ‘If somebody tries to stop the march to democracy, we will seek them out and kill them! We must be tougher than hell! This Vietnam stuff, this is not even close. It is a mind-set. We can’t send that message. It’s an excuse to prepare us for withdrawal.

There is a series of moments and this is one of them. Our will is being tested, but we are resolute. We have a better way. Stay strong! Stay the course! Kill them! Be confident! Prevail! We are going to wipe them out! We are not blinking!’

His syntax and grammar were just fine that day. He had no trouble describing what was to happen to people who had the impudence to rise up against the illegal invasion of their country.

Kill Them! We Are Going to Wipe Them Out!

These are not the words of a comic book super villain, some Nazi thug from a World War II propaganda film, nor from Ernst Stavro Blofeld, James Bond’s archenemy. These are the words of a War Criminal of the highest order, The President of the United States.

In the good old days of World War II it went something like this:

Kill the enemy soldiers and destroy their cities until the enemy’s leadership surrenders. And that worked … in World War II.

In Vietnam … it didn’t.

A War of Attrition is the killing of so many soldiers (and civilians) that the will to fight is lost. What made the U.S. military and political leaders think that the United States had more willpower to fight a war in a far-off country than the people who lived there?

The United States invaded Vietnam and with every death created another enemy. The only way to … “win” … was to kill everyone. But the American people, tired of being lied to, gave up on the Vietnam War and the politicians who had sold it.

George W. Bush and his military advisors have either not learned the lessons of the Vietnam War … that no military solution was viable, or they have learned them all to well … we must kill them all.

In George Bush’s world a Pyrrhic victory isn’t a bad thing because he doesn’t know what it means. The word “victory” is in there somewhere and that’s good enough for him.

He doesn’t realize that when someone comes home to a smoking crater, to where a house once stood, where a family once lived, where beneath the rubble lies bloody remains, along with crushing grief comes the resolve to do whatever possible to make the people responsible for this crime … pay.

Somewhere there is an Iraqi survivor of Al Fallujah, Ar Ramadi, Haditha, or Baghdad repeating a mantra … taught word for word by Bush personally.

Kill Them … Wipe Them Out.

One of the many funny things George W. Bush has said.

But isn’t that what all madmen mutter endlessly … while slouching towards Bethlehem?

Funny Things Bush Has Said June 2, 2008


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