My Dinner with Andre Revisited


My Dinner with Andre Revisited

I watched it when it first came out 35 years ago. I didn’t like it. And then I watched it again. Now I think it’s brilliant.

Broadcast on The Mike Malloy Show April 13, 2016.

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In 1981 I saw the movie, My Dinner with Andre when it first was released. I didn’t like it very much at the time. I thought it was pretentious, self-indulgent, and silly. Then last week a friend of mine sent me a link to a scene from the film … and I Was Floored. So I went to the library yesterday, checked out the DVD,  and watched it last night. Some of it was pretentious, self-indulgent, and silly. But more of it was brilliant. It’s about two friends, played by Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory, who haven’t seen each other for years, meet for dinner at a restaurant, and talk about their experiences since they last saw each other. The movie is a 100 minute-long conversation between the two men at the restaurant.

I can’t argue with that scene from My Dinner with Andre. Can you?

What Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory were talking about in the film was a culture, our culture, that was transforming people into mindless robots living unaware of the nightmare world that enshrouded them … 35 years ago.

Has anything changed? Trump, Cruz, or Clinton, is going to be the next president of the United States. Any one of them would be a perfect choice for a world where no one is left to remind them that there once was a species called a human being, with feelings and thoughts, and that history and memory are right now being erased, and soon nobody will really remember that life existed on the planet.

Go rent the movie and My Dinner with Andre Revisited


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