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Vegans Not from the planet Vegah

Vegans Not from the planet Vegah. Doesn't the word vegan just make you shudder? Me too. As far as I’m concerned I don’t know which one is worse: a doorbell-ringing Jesus fanatic or a Vegan. And the winner is a bible-thumpin’ über veganista. The mind reels. And then … I became one. Mostly. Following a vegan diet is good for the planet and best for your health. Science says so. And I proved it. Get ready for some anecdotal evidence. My blood pressure was high and my bad cholesterol was inching into LOOK OUT! Territory. My doctor said if I didn’t lower the numbers he’d give me (gasp) drugs. The only variable I changed was my diet. In a very short time my blood pressure and bad cholesterol number were (ahem) Optimal. Following a (mostly) vegan diet did the trick for me. In this space I’ll be posting my own recipes. Check back every 15 minutes.  

Vegan Mac & Cheesevideo

Vegan Mac & Cheese

How to make vegan gravyvideo

It’s All Gravy

Greetings From Planet VeeGah

Greetings From Planet VeeGah

Climate Change

This Is Worse Than That

Mike Malloyvideo

This is Worse Than That

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