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Movies! They’re the most fun you can have in public. A great movie, a bucket of popcorn (with Real Butter) has always been my favorite Go-To activity. Until recently. Now it costs just too much damn money. But with my 60 inch BigAssTV. I can still have The Experience. And I Watch Everything. I get my movies at the library or yard sales. I recently watched all six Thin Man movies. With popcorn. And vegan butter. An astute observer might suggest my love of movies comes from going to Saturday matinées at the Orpheum theater in downtown Seattle. A simpler (and cheaper) more innocent time of childhood. Yeah. Even I figured that out. But … watching zillions of hours of monster movies prepared me for the times we now find ourselves. My parents and teachers warned me about watching that “junk” but at least I learned the absurdity of trying to compromise with Monsters.

Fear at the Bijou


The Monster Rules

The Monster Rules

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