Forward Into The Past


Forward Into The Past broadcast on The Mike Malloy Show September 02, 2008.

Return with us now to The Thrilling Days of Yesteryear!

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Let’s assume Barack Obama will be elected president in November.

I know that depends on a whole bunch of other assumptions. You have to assume that the conditions that led to the election theft in 2004 have been addressed and corrected. Since they haven’t … we’ll have to assume that soooo many voters turn out for Obama that the election can’t be stolen for the Republicans. Or we can assume that The Corporate Powers That Be will be perfectly happy with an Obama Presidency.

Regardless … let’s assume Barack will become the next president. Now What?

Until recently my pipe dream was that the Obama Administration would magically take us politically back to September 10, 2001. He would rewind all the horrors that the Bush Regime perpetrated upon the citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United States in the pursuit of Bush’s War on Terror.

What’s on My Wish List?

Stop the killing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stop the torture. Release all political prisoners. End rendition and our secret world-wide illegal detention centers. Dismantle the Department of Homeland Security. Repeal the Patriot Acts. Get rid of Blackwater and other criminal contractors and rescind their immunity. Restore the Constitution and repeal telecom immunity. Repeal Bush’s “Signing Statements” and end their abuse for all future presidents.

And of course … indict and prosecute for murder, George W. Bush and all of the members of his administration who led this country to war with lies.

One more thing. Make reparations for the invasion and occupation of Iraq but unlike the reparations we were supposed to make to Vietnam … This time … actually come across with the cash.


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