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Post Election 2008

Post Election 2008. Less hope ... No Change. We were warned. Obama himself said clearly he was not going to prosecute anyone from the Bush/Cheney Regime. We were going to “look forward” not into the past. But Mr. President … all crimes happen in the past. That’s how we know about them. And then the president briefly dangled a Health Care “public option” in front of us before he took it off the table. He started compromising with Republican when he didn’t have to. Post Election 2008 was no damn fun at all. It was obvious thaty Obama was going to get his wish to be a “footnote” president. Except at the start, before Obama took office, when we knew that a helicopter was going to take George W. Bush away. That was fun. I got a kick out of that. The Worst President Ever was going away. Oh wait …

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The Final Catch 22


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