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I smoked cigarettes for 44 years. Now I use Electronic Cigarettes. More flavor ... Less Death. Electronic Cigarettes, Personal Vaping Devices, I call them E-cigs. I used them to quit smoking. And I still use them. Using Electronic Cigarettes feels like smoking … tastes better than smoking, but without tobacco and combustion thereby eliminating virtually all of the health hazards associated with smoking. There is no second hand smoke because there is no smoke to begin with. With E-cigs I learned how to smoke properly … without the smoke. Sure I still have the nicotine habit … but it’s not killing me. I made a couple of videos about the E-cigs I used and then manufacturers and vendors started sending me different E-cigs to try and then review. And here are the videos I produced. If you smoke, or you know someone who does … here is a way to seamlessly and painlessly quit.


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