The last article I read last night before I turned the computer off was from

The Trump Administration Is Going After Naturalized Citizens Now

Donald Trump’s administration is not only busy tearing children away from their parents at the border—they’re also going to start focusing on fresh new ways to oppress naturalized citizens in America. On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the government agency that oversees immigration applications, is now creating a new office staffed by several dozen employees. It will be dedicated to looking for people who may have cheated to obtain their citizenship and stripping them of it. Think of it as terrorization by paperwork.”

I turned the computer off and went through the house checking to see that all the lights had been turned off and the bird’s cage had been covered. Then I went into our bedroom. My wife had not yet gone to sleep. I told her the only person in her family that was a “Native Born” American citizen was her youngest brother. Everyone else – her parents, the rest of her siblings and herself – were “naturalized” citizens. I told her what I had just read, and her response was that they probably weren’t looking for Filipinos who had come into the country over 45 years ago. They’re looking at people who came from Mexico, Central and South America, and the Middle East. Because I look at things through a slightly different lens, I said yeah … for now.

She turned off the light and I turned on my Kindle. It’s a back-lit model so I can read without disturbing her.

About a half hour later I decided that was enough reading for the night and turned the Kindle off. A few minutes later I turned it back on and in its faint light wrote one word on the notepad I keep on my nightstand: Descent.

Now it’s morning. My wife and son are off to work and school and I can follow where that one word leads. Descent.

The short conversation my wife and I had the previous night must have taken place countless times throughout Nazi-controlled Europe.

They are looking for someone else. They will come for someone else.

And at that exact moment it was absolutely true. On the continuum of Fascism … at that moment … they were looking for someone else. They will be coming for someone else. But the simple fact is that eventually they will be looking at everyone. They will be coming for anyone. That’s how totalitarianism works. Eventually anyone can be a suspect.

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