Here’s a movie trailer for a film no sane person ever wanted to see.


(Slowly building Ominous music …) Here they come … down the street, around the corner, and up to your front door!


Ripped from Today’s Headlines of Largely Ignored News!


A Cast of Millions … a National debt of Trillions … in the most expensive mistake America Ever Made!

The story of The NeoCons … uniquely evil unto themselves … but in common they shared an unquenchable thirst for Power … Money … and Blood!

Starring …

Ronald Reagan as Ronald Reagan: As an actor … he was upstaged by a trained chimpanzee … but as president … he sold America … FASCISM!

Dan Duryea as George H.W. Bush: A dissolute aging Crime-Lord whose family enriched themselves laundering Nazi Blood Money. Which one of his corrupt sons will inherit the most sinister criminal dynasty in American History?

The Dark Lord of Hell, Satan, as Dick Cheney: Subsisting entirely on a diet of infant tartare, this sub-human monster will only rest after he has plunged humanity into the inescapable abyss of WORLD WIDE NUCLEAR WAR!

Donald Pleasence as Karl Rove: A machiavellian idiot savant. His sole talent is to lie constantly … Even in His Sleep!

And … Adam Sandler as George W. Bush: This brain-damaged ex-frat boy doesn’t have a clue … but he does what he’s told … or else!


With this Supporting Cast of Evil Incarnate!

Sidney Greenstreet as Richard Scaife Mellon: The bloated billionaire who from the center of his evil web spent millions to turn the country against Democrats and Democracy!

Christopher Lee as John Negroponte: When he was finished with a nation … he left behind Legions of the Dead.

Claude Rains as Senator Harry Reid: is he complicit in the NeoCon’s nefarious schemes, an unwitting pawn, … or JUST PLAIN STUPID?

Rod Steiger as Rupert Murdoch: He used his international publishing and broadcasting empire to Distort the Reality of an Unsuspecting World!

SEE … Back-to-Back Presidential Elections … STOLEN! … by Corporate-controlled voting systems aided by a gutless Media!

SEE … The Constitution of the United States Ripped to Shreds before the eyes of a docile and uncomprehending citizenry cowed by NeoCon instilled Fear!

SEE … Crony Capitalism Unleashed as Hurricane Katrina destroys New Orleans and the north-central Gulf Coast of The United States! Money-mad corporate and government pirates negotiate rebuilding contracts worth billions of dollars while over 1,800 Americans drown!

SEE … America’s Future reduced to ashes against the backdrop of WAR! Hundreds of thousands of innocent people KILLED! … Untold numbers MAIMED!TRILLIONS of dollars WASTED! … An illegitimate War started by NeoCon Lies!

SEE … John Conyers and Nancy Pelosi refuse to lift a finger to stop the NeoCon JUGGERNAUT OF DOOM while ignoring the pleas of tens of thousands of concerned citizens!

SEE all this and MORE in …


Now playing all around you.

A Transmogrification Films Release.

This film is not yet rated.


Y’know … I think it might be possible that George Bush has brought us to The End Of Satire. As a blogger at Crooks and Liars noted recently about Rudy Giuliani … He is now a parody of a caricature of himself. I think Bush has dragged us so far out of the Realm of Normal Experience … the old rules don’t seem to apply anymore. Previous standards of reality drape limply over the branches of barren trees like Dali’s The Persistence of Memory.

If nothing else … I guess I could thank The Bush Regime for forcibly reawakening my appreciation of the surreal.

January 14, 2008


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