Regardless of what I just wrote …


I Am Not A Communist.


I used to be a Democrat. Broadcast on The Mike Malloy Show January 20, 2008.Listen to Mike exclusively on the non-profit Progressive Voices Radio network LIVE at 9PM ET here:

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Now that we’ve established that the primary cause of the destruction of our country, and the rest of the planet, is Unregulated Capitalism on Steroids … where psychopathic corporations pollute the air, water, and the dirt beneath our feet … where the food and water we depend upon for our existence has been poisoned by the mega-conglomerates who claim that their rights take precedence over human beings … where the political process has become so corrupted that the majority of our elected representatives are simply paid shills for corporate interests … where the final arbitrators of our rule of law, The Supreme Court, are not exempt from this Corruption by Corporations … where wars are fought, not to defend the country and its citizens, but to increase the profits of the Military-Industrial-Energy Corporate Complex … and where Corporate-Controlled Media fulfills its obligation to their owners by never reporting accurately on any of the above …

Um … I may have jumped the gun a little bit here because I don’t think we’ve actually established that yet … so for brevity’s sake … here’s everything I know about Capitalism in 100 words or less.

Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned. As a profit driven system it values profits over the labor that produces the profits. Capitalism starts wars, destroys people and the environment, and stomps all over the world in search of cheaper labor and new markets to capture. The Capitalism model of infinite growth is ultimately unsustainable in that the resources needed to maintain the system are finite. It is conceptually silly and disastrous in practice.

Regardless of what I just wrote, I Am Not A Communist. Really


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