The Mainstream Drones in front of television cameras, radio microphones, or behind news desks don’t crank out stories as much as they manufacture premises. And these premises generate The Noise that becomes The News.

When I find myself in times of trouble, The Firesign Theatre’s Chester Cadaver comes to me  speaking words of wisdom, “Sure, understanding today’s complex world of the future is a little like having bees live in your head. But, there they are.

And those damn bees are noisy. With all the humming and the buzzing, it’s hard to get a thought in edgewise. And if you think about it for a moment or two … if you can think about it through all that noise … you might realize that’s the bees’ job. To keep you from thinking at all.

When I was a kid I was deathly afraid of atomic bombs. I had seen newsreels of Hiroshima after the blast and knew “Duck and Cover” wouldn’t keep me from being turned into radioactive charcoal when The Commies dropped The Big One. The Cuban Missile Crisis made home fallout shelters the talk of radio, TV, magazines, and newspapers. I didn’t know my dad had a fatalistic side to him until I asked if he was going to get a shelter for us and he said, “No. If they drop the bomb we’re all going to die anyway.” Soon after, I read that the hydrogen, or H-Bomb, was thousands of times more powerful than the bombs we dropped on Japan. I remained fearful of thermonuclear war until 1980. Then I discovered something more powerful than all the nuclear weapons in the world. I was no longer afraid of bombs. I was terrified of television. TV makes people crazy. To be more precise: MainStream Media makes people crazy.

Media is like a mental neutron bomb. It blows the mind but leaves the other brain functions intact so people can still go to work, buy crap with the money they make, and continue to vote against their best interests until they die.

The media’s primary goal is to distract … and get us to react. We’re not getting enough information to thoughtfully respond to anything. The particulars of any story are distorted, omitted, or made up. We’re ill-informed, misinformed, or flat out lied to. There’s an agenda here folks, and it’s being carried out by the worker bees who fill our heads with noise all day every day coast to coast and border to border.

The Mainstream Drones in front of television cameras, radio microphones, or behind news desks don’t crank out stories as much as they manufacture premises. And these premises generate The Noise that becomes The News.

Case in point: The Repeal of the Military’s Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell Policy.

How much airtime, newsprint, and pixels did that story eat up? And still is. CrazyMan presidential wannabe Rick Santorum was still jabbering about reinstating Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell to Chris Wallace on FOX News a couple of days ago.

But the initial premise — Should Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell be repealed — is classic misdirection by media. It’s so artfully insinuated in the national debate it’s almost admirable. John McCain is against the repeal, Barack Obama is for it. Liberals versus conservatives déjà vu all over again. The media slipped in their premise and obscured the real one with the artificially created noise.

Why didn’t anyone in Mainstream Media ask why anyone should join the military? Where were the headlines, “Gays and Lesbians demand to participate in the ultimate War Crime in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

The military has been murdering innocent people around the globe for as long as I can remember. When in my lifetime did the American Military defend the freedom of United States citizens? Which citizens from what nation threatened our freedoms to the extent we had to go over there and kill them? The Vietnamese? The Iraqis? Who?

See? They did it again. Media obscures the real premise with their own and I, along with everybody else, reacts to it.

I read that Obama seems open to discussing making “sensible” cuts to Social Security and Medicare and my head explodes. Why is it that fake Democrat in the White House gets down in the muck with the filth-encrusted Republicans to whack everybody’s grandma in the neck to save a couple of bucks? Doesn’t anyone remember soon-to-be-war-criminal Donald Rumsfeld’s press conference when he admitted The Pentagon couldn’t account for $2.3 trillion dollars on September 10, 2001? The defense department has been awash with so much taxpayer cash for decades they can’t keep track of it, but in order to pretend to balance the books it’s “sensible” to squeeze to death the nation’s old, young, and ailing.

See? They did it to me again. Jesus H. Christ … Joseph Goebbels would have cut off his salutin’ arm if he could have gotten his other hand on a television studio.

So what’s the Big Story that we’re being constantly distracted from seeing? What’s not on The Nightly News?

The planet is dying.

It is slowly being changed into a world that cannot sustain life.

How do we know this? Well … 150 to 200 species go extinct … every day. That’s A Big Fat Red Flag isn’t it?

The cause of this mass extinction is human civilization. The culture as a whole, and most of its members, are insane. Do you need proof? The planet is being damaged to the point that it cannot sustain life because The Elites are making money on the deal. I may have told you a time or two before that psychopaths are insane.

To debate this just adds to the noise. It is ridiculous to debate the existence of Peak Resources, Overpopulation, or Global Climate Change because we don’t have the time. Every 11 seconds a life form on this planet disappears … forever. One of these days that’s really going to make a difference when it’s our turn in the barrel.

I’m not going to write about the noise anymore. No more Republican vs. Democrats, Liberals vs. Conservatives, or What’s Wrong With The Political System. My grandchildren are not going to care whether I was a Democrat or not. They aren’t going to care about what I thought about the debt ceiling, the deficit, health care, campaign financing, or media reforms. They’re going to want to know why I didn’t do anything when the land, water, and air became so foul nothing will survive. They’re going to want to know if I knew what was happening every 11 seconds.

Herbert Stein, economist and Nixon adviser, got at least one thing right when he said, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

Stein also said there is no reason do to anything to make the unsustainable thing stop … because it will stop of its own accord.

He’s dead now so he’s no longer concerned with … outcomes. It only concerns us whether to make civilization stop before, or after, it goes sailing off the cliff … with everything riding on it.

Noise October 12, 2011

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