Vu Zjahday is the opposite of déjà vu


Vu Zjahday is the opposite of déjà vu. Broadcast on The Mike Malloy Show October 19, 2012. Listen to Mike exclusively on the non-profit Progressive Voices Radio network LIVE at 9PM ET here:

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The sense that you’ve never been somewhere before.

The last time I witnessed a disconnect from reality like this was on August 1, 1969 when I took a couple of hits of acid and went to a Led Zepplin-Jethro Tull concert. 43 years later it feels like America’s MainStreamMedia are on the heavy drugs and I’m an unemployed designated driver without anybody’s car keys.

So far the 2012 elections have already cost more than $4 billion and they’re projected to go as high as $5.8 billion. That’s a lot of money. There are 32 countries in the world with an annual GDP less than what the U.S. elections will cost. Americans spend $300 million on Oreos each year but at least they know what they’re getting. A bizarre combination of genetically modified wheat, soy, and corn, flavored with alkali processed cocoa and fake vanilla made from wood creosote. Yum.

But what are we going to get after almost 6 billion bucks have been blown? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney … and a host of Democratic or Republican members of the House and Senate. Regardless of who wins or loses … the U.S. will remain a relatively easygoing fascistic police state at home and a voracious capitalistic beast stomping fictitious enemies into a bloody paste abroad.

How much is it worth to you to have Romney get the job instead of Obama? Would you spend one half of one percent of your net worth to make it happen? Sheldon Adelson says he is. I think Adelson’s spending 100 million to make the Justice Department stop the investigation of his Las Vegas Sands Corporation’s alleged money laundering. But … Hey Sheldon … Listen up. You could have saved tens of millions of your sleazy dollars and given just a couple of mil to Obama. Weren’t you paying attention when after a year-long investigation of Goldman Sachs’ widespread mortgage fraud that led to the subprime mortgage crisis, the Justice Department concluded that it didn’t have enough evidence to meet the “burden of proof” required for charges. Eric Holder doesn’t prosecute criminals. Why are you giving money to Romney? You’re a Vegas guy … why didn’t you bet on a sure thing?



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