Say Goodnight Gracie (Part One)


Say Goodnight Gracie (Part One)

O Canada … where we’ve been happily living for the past 5 years.

Say Goodnight Gracie (Part One)

TODAY is our 5th Canadian Anniversary.

Missing from this anniversary missive is yet another list comparing Canada to The United States. I’ve done that too many times already. All I can say is that after five years I still have, at least once a day, an ILMSC moment.






There are a couple of complaints I have about Canada. In Brooklyn, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge on Front Street, is Grimaldi’s, the best pizza joint in the world. The best deep dish pizza I’ve ever had came from Gino’s East in Chicago. If you want good thin crust or deep dish pizza in Vancouver, I haven’t found it … yet. I’ve had fantastic Mexican food from San Diego to Seattle but we haven’t found any up here … yet. On the other hand when it comes to Chinese food … no problem. The second largest Chinatown in North America is in Vancouver.

Our strangest culinary discovery I’ve heard pronounced two ways: poo-tin or poo-teen. Either way it’s great. Take some perfectly done french fries, sprinkle liberally with cheese curds (I don’t know what they are either), and pour a chicken, turkey, or beef gravy all over everything. You can get crazy and add pulled pork, sliced Montreal smoked meat, or shredded duck confit. Regardless of how gross it might sound … it’s phenomenal. We have it about twice a year. I’d have it more often but I’d fuck up my actuarial table and discover I died three years ago.

Say Goodnight Gracie (Part One)

Broadcast on The Mike Malloy Show August 23, 2016.

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