Anything Can Happen Day


I keep a pen and notepad on my nightstand so when I get an idea as I drift off to sleep, I can write it down before I forget it. I started doing this years ago because no matter how many times I’d say to myself, “I won’t forget this” … the next morning when I got to the computer the idea would be gone gone gone. I’m not saying they were all good ideas because I don’t know how good or bad any idea is until I start typing it out. I can usually tell about a third of the way through whether or not I should keep going or throw it in the garbage. But if the idea has vanished in the night … there’s nothing to get the ball rolling.

At the top of the notepad I wrote this: Fucko the Clown is a lying sack of shit.

I didn’t write that down to remind me of that miserable fact … I wrote it down to remind myself that Fucko the Clown hasn’t actually done anything. The headlines in the news shout about how Fucko did this or Fucko’s done that, but the reality is Fucko the Clown has not done anything. He’s a lazy lying sack of shit who watches TV 8 hours a day, tweets bullshit about what he sees on TV and eats cheeseburgers before he goes to bed. On any given day he might squeeze in an hour and a half or two hours of actual work. And that … um … “work” entails meeting with his people who tell him generally what’s going on in the world. I say “generally” because his people have learned to leave out the details. Details bore him.

Fucko did not work until the wee hours of the morning crafting the health care proposal that would gut health care for millions of people, or the massive tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy. Fucko didn’t do any of that shit. He just signs his name to pieces of paper in front of the cameras. But Fucko actually does one thing very well. He sets the tone of his administration. He’s given permission to those Americans who want to make xenophobia and racism great again. Mission Accomplished.

Broadcast on the Mike Malloy Show June 7, 2018.

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