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Post-Election 2012

Post-Election 2012. NOW we'll get some change ... oh wait. Republican politicians previously gerrymandered the bejeezus out of the congressional districts by carving out impenetrable enclaves of steadfast dim-witted Republican voters. Republican dynasties were formed. Obstructionism anyone? Republican congressional assholes voted to repeal Obamacare more than 50 times even though it was almost a carbon copy of RomneyCare which was inspired by The Heritage Foundation, the granddaddy of the right-wing think tanks. Confused yet? Me too. And then the Republican controlled Senate blocked Obama on filling the Supreme Court vacancy with Merrick Garland. Republicans repeatedly praised Garland … when he was nominated to sit on the D.C. circuit court. But give Senate Republicans a chance to stick it to Obama … and they will/did. The power plays are always ugly. And they don’t make any sense when it comes to running the country. It’s all about Winning and Keeping Power. Period.

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