My Dog Frank


My Dog Frank. Forward … Into the Past! From the Mike Malloy Show – March 23, 2010 Listen to Mike exclusively on the non-profit Progressive Voices Radio network LIVE at 9PM ET here:

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I was about to get on the freeway on my way to Santa Barbara when I stopped to pick up a hitchhiker. As the guy was getting into the car he looked back over his shoulder and called out, “Goodbye Midnight.”

I asked him who he was talking to and he pointed over to some bushes where I saw a black Labrador Retriever. The guy said he was moving into a Christian Group Home that didn’t allow pets, so he was going to abandon his dog there at the freeway onramp.

Long story short … I kicked the guy out of the car and took the dog home. And had one of my first real insights into … Christians.

This was back in 1973. Just about every black lab I knew was named either Blackie, Pooh-Bear, or Midnight. I looked at the dog, he looked at me, and I named him Frank. Over the years I learned a lot from Frank. He wasn’t into rationalizing. He didn’t spend any time justifying his actions. If I put out a new brand of dog food and he liked it … he ate it. If he didn’t like it … he wouldn’t eat it. As a dog Frank wasn’t expected to give any reasons for his likes or dislikes. Many times over the last 37 years I’ve envied him that.

If I’m watching a movie I like, I’m not thinking. I’m not analyzing the plot, the actors, the editing or direction. I’m just digging the movie. Afterwards if someone asks what did I think of the movie … I can’t get away with “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it.”

If they liked it and I didn’t … the next question is, “Why?”


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