The Best E-cig Mod in the World Part III

The Best E-cig Mod in the World Part III: Lrider’s Lambo 4.0 Jul 29, 2014.

This mod did everything incredibly expensive variable voltage mods did … at a fraction of the cost. A no-brainer choice.

Disclaimer and Back Story:

Out of all the E-cigs I’ve used since I switched over to vaping in March 2010, the iStick Pico, Kanger’s TopBox Mini, and Aspire’s Mini Pegasus, are the mods that have stayed on my desk or in my pocket. I’m not sayin’ everything else is bad … just these are The Best (so far). The tanks I use are Aspire’s Triton mini and the Atlantis (all with Clapton Coils).

The Pico kit comes with a Melo III mini tank. Is it good? Yeah … just not as good as my Aspire Tanks. Until something comes out that is better than the gear I use every day … I think I’m out of the E-cig review business. This is my “Gold Standard.” I’m sure there are different mod/tank combos that are as good … but I’m just not interested in hauling out my credit card and then find out I’ve bought something that isn’t any better than what I already have.

I received the Triton mini tank for my birthday in 2016 and was very surprised at its performance. The Clapton Coil delivered more flavor than anything else I’ve used. I wanted to get another Triton mini and found the best deal was over at MyFreedomSmokes. I bought the mini Pegasus kit that came with the mod and the Triton mini for around $35. Such a deal.

I had previously reviewed Kanger’s TopBox mini and liked the mod … but the tank it came with had … um … issues … after a couple of months. So I tossed the tank and kept the mod.

I’m not necessarily a “Green” guy … I’m a cheap guy. I don’t like tossing out a mod after its internal battery won’t take a charge anymore. That’s why I like mods that use a single 18650 battery. When the battery eventually dies it can be recycled. I say single 18650 battery because I’ve tried mods that take two or three 18650’s or the larger 26650. They’re huge. Definitely not pocket friendly. Unless you think a hand grenade fits in your shirt pocket.

A word about Temperature Control:

As far as my vaping habits go … temp control is a complete Why Bother. I don’t get any more flavor, throat hit, or vapor, using temp controlled coils so what’s the point? I use tanks. I can see what the e-liquid level is. I don’t get dry hits because I don’t vape an empty tank. So … what’s the use of temp control? If I used an RDA I’d probably think Temp Control was a bigger deal. It won’t fire if there’s no e-liquid. And the RDA I have is like the Schrödinger’s Cat thought experiment: Is there enough e-liquid … or not? You can’t see what’s going on inside the RDA. The only way to tell for sure is to take a drag. And if you get a dry burned hit … guess what? No e-liquid. So for all you RDA vapers out there … Temp On. But for me … include me out.

And One Last Thing … Sub Ohm Vaping

Aspire’s Atlantis was my first sub ohm tank. And it was great. For awhile there it looked like the only way to get intense flavor was to use sub ohm coils. But hold on there cowboy … the Clapton Coil in my Triton mini is around 1.7 ohms. And the flavor? Astounding. Definitely comparable or better than sub ohm coils. Your mileage may vary.


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