Say Goodnight Gracie Part Five of Five … or … Less Talk, More Monkey

Ever since the shitshow ended last week there has been a plethora of polite analyses about What The Fuck Just Happened. Desperate pundits are trying to be reasonable while describing how and why Fucko the Clown just won the election.

This is what Denial looks like:

The hubris of Hillary Clinton and the DNC empowered them to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders because not only did she “deserve” the presidency, but they believed she could beat Fucko in the general election. Clinton, the DNC, and their donors, completely underestimated, or ignored, the Hillary hatred that has been simmering for decades, as well as the contempt voters have for establishment politics.

True. But the most insidious form of denial is always true. But it is not the whole truth. That is why denial is a complete waste of time and doesn’t solve anything. It is always easier to accept and believe a partial truth because it is a distraction that keeps us from recognizing the larger, more uncomfortable truth.

Occam’s razor. Noun. The maxim that assumptions introduced to explain a thing must not be multiplied beyond necessity.

Let’s see how it works.

59,821,874 Americans voted for Fucko the Clown; therefore, there are 59,821,874 Crazy Stupid People in the United States. Regardless of the fact that the previous sentence sounds like a harsh generalization … it is not. The only way anyone could vote for Fucko is if he/she is a Crazy Stupid Person. Rational smart people could not vote for, would never vote for, anyone like Fucko the Clown.

That’s it. That’s all we need to know. There were enough Crazy Stupid voters in the United States on November 8, 2016 , to elect Fucko the Clown.

Though that’s the end of the story, we always want to know more. We need to know how and why this happened. The other uncomfortable truth is: In this case … no we don’t. It doesn’t matter. Fucko the Clown is going to be the next president of the United States. End of story.

It’s like one of my darker imaginings … I’m in my doctor’s office discussing recent lab tests and he tells me I’ve got lung cancer. I ask how? Why? He bluntly tells me because I smoked cigarettes for 44 years. That a perfectly valid explanation in a sense has nothing to do with the current problem. Smoking caused the cancer … but the problem now isn’t smoking … it’s having lung cancer. And the United States of America has Fucko the Clown.

That happened because there are too many Crazy Stupid People. But what if we want to know where Crazy Stupid People came from? I don’t think that’s our current problem but what the hell … I’m not tired of typing yet so here are the broad strokes. There is obviously more to it but I don’t have the time or will to go too far down my long, long list.

In 1987, the FCC got rid of the Fairness Doctrine unleashing Rush Limbaugh and all the rest of the lying assholes who filled the radio airwaves with hate speech.

In 1996, Fox News began pumping out the same pernicious lies on cable television 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Let that shit simmer for 30 years, and you end up with Crazy Stupid People … who voted for Fucko the Clown.

The reason hate radio and Fox News took root and grew like weeds in the American Brain is because the country has always been a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, nation. Always. Hate radio and Fox News didn’t seductively whisper lies into the ears of the American public … they shouted. Loud and Clear. And about half of the population responded. And believed. Because millions of Americans find it easier to hate people of color, women, non-Christians, intellectuals, and anybody that’s not “from here” because that’s what they already believe. They just finally had a presence in the media who affirmed it.

Hate radio and Fox News blame the ills afflicting their audience on everyone except the real perpetrators. That is the fundamental lie of Hate radio and Fox News. Their purpose is to misdirect attention away from The Elite and blame everything on the most powerless amongst us. And their audience believed the lie because they were raised to believe it, they raise their children to believe it, and it’s easier and more gratifying for Crazy Stupid people to join in with The Elite’s oppression of women and minorities than collectively organize against their real overlords.

For the most part The United States of America, until last week anyway, wore a mask of sanity. The election of Fucko the Clown did away with the bother of even pretending to be sane. Just click around The Internet and you’ll find example after example of Good Ol’ American Guys and Gals taking their newly affirmed hate out for a spin and terrorizing women and people of color. There were enough reports of hate crimes in just the first three days after the election to convince any rational person that The United States America has taken off towards the darker territories previously inhabited by The Third Reich.

And what are we, y’know … sane people, supposed to do about it? Google “How to heal the U.S after the Election” and you’ll be able to read some of the most sanctimonious bullshit I’ve ever come across.

We’re supposed to find “common ground” … practice forgiveness … love thy neighbor … remember we’re all in this together … (and my favorite) A difference of opinion does not have to be someone is wrong, or evil or different in nature. We are entitled to them. Their opinion might not be the same as ours, but they are valid and I believe we can move forward as a nation.

Give Me A Break.

This shitshow wasn’t anything like previous elections. This isn’t Bill Clinton running against George H.W. Bush in ’92 or Thomas Dewey running against Harry S. Truman in ’48. The choice this time around was vote for Hillary Clinton … or vote for Fucko the Fascist.

We can find common ground all day long with the Crazy Stupid People who voted for Fucko. We’re carbon-based life forms … they’re carbon-based life forms. See? We’re off to a great start. But sooner or later a veritable band of 800-pound gorillas enter the room. Next question: How are we supposed to find common ground with racists?

We’re not supposed to.

How do we “make nice” with the women-hating, Muslim-bashing assholes who support Fucko the Clown’s regime?

We’re not supposed to.

We’re supposed to tell them that what they need is a nice hot cup of Shut The fuck Up.

The Civil Rights Movement succeeded because enough African Americans said, “NO.” Rosa Parks didn’t give up her seat on a bus to a white man in 1955. Bus stations, libraries, and lunch counters for White People were occupied by Black People in Albany, Georgia in 1961. In Birmingham Alabama Black students stood up to White city authorities in 1963.

Time after time after time — for years — Black People said, “NO.” That’s how we are supposed to deal with racists.

Two presidents intervened when southern states ignored the enforcement of federal desegregation laws.

In 1954 President Eisenhower federalized the entire Arkansas National Guard and used it to protect the nine Black students who enrolled in Little Rock’s Central High School. In 1963 President Kennedy threatened to call up the Alabama National Guard if governor George Wallace did not allow two Black students to register at the University of Alabama.

But Fucko the Clown is going to be President of the United States. There is talk of him appointing Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General. I don’t think we can count on any help from Fucko or Rudy in enforcing federal laws that are supposed to protect us.

I’ve listened, watched, and read too many analyses from liberals about What The fuck Just Happened, explaining how we must make sure this doesn’t happen “next time.”

What part of:

Complete control over all branches of government, almost 60 million Crazy Stupid voters, and last but certainly not least — Fucko the Clown — makes anyone think that there will even be a “next time”?

But what’s The Solution? Fuck if I know.

Chris Hedges wrote, “We face the most profound crisis in human history. Our response is to elect a man to the presidency who does not believe in climate change. Once societies unplug themselves from reality, those who speak truth become pariahs and enemies of the state. They are subject to severe state repression. Those lost in the reverie of the crisis cult applaud the elimination of these Cassandras. The appealing myths of magical thinking are pleasant opiates. But this narcotic, like all narcotics, leads to squalor and death.

Say Goodnight Gracie.

November 16, 2016

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