It’s Over. Just because our side is still walking around the field in a daze doesn’t mean there’s still a game going on.

It’s Over.

From the election of Fucko the Clown to his inauguration, I’ve started … and stopped … seven “moments.” I can’t finish them. I’ll type out what I think is a pretty good sentence or paragraph, but when I read it again it just seems like so much junk. The stuff I write reads like the purple prose H.P. Lovecraft would crank out for Weird Tales magazine at a penny per word. But what the hell … we’re inside a Pulp Fiction world where every day is another issue of Amazing Stories. Just because something sounds like an article from Famous Monsters of Filmland doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

About a week ago, a friend of mine sent me an email with this subject line, “We are headed towards the demise of our Democracy.”

That title just pisses me off. It implies that we’re here … the cliff is over there … and we should all get together and do something before we go sailing off into the abyss.

I wrote back that I thought the “demise of our democracy” was pretty much a done deal when the Supreme Court decided who our president was back in December 2000. fuck the voice of The People. George W. Bush is president of The United States — so suck on that.

Then he wrote back that he thought the beginning of the “demise of our democracy” was the day JFK was murdered in 1963.

So if he thought it started in 1963, and I thought it was truly over in 2000, then Why The fuck do we bother saying We are headed towards the demise of our Democracy almost 17 years too late?

It’s Over.

Broadcast on The Mike Malloy Show February 1, 2017.

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