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Politics. This is the nonsense that fills up the news. Now that Fucko the Clown and his gang have taken over The United States politics is a quaint term that describes how horrible things were done when politicians “played by the rules.” Now it’s just a rigged game of One Card Monte. And the dealers are psychopaths. But before Fucko there was the Great Hypnotist Obama. The president who put The Left to sleep for eight years. And before that it was the Bush/Cheney regime. Looking back further we see the best Republican put forth by the Democrats: Bill Clinton. If he was half the visionary he thought he was we’d be weaned from fossil fuels by now. But he was a neo-liberal instead of a real one. We could drift back further past Poppy until we find the root of all evil in the modern era: Ronald Reagan. He kept to the Elite’s script.

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